8 Days in One Under-the-Seat Bag

Keep CalmOn Wednesday we’re off for an 8-day adventure in Mexico! I can’t wait.

When I booked our flights to Cancun, I was taken aback by all the convenience fees that we could possibly incur – checked bag fees, carry-on bag fees, select-a-seat fees, snack fees, and probably more that I just don’t know about. To save on these fees, we decided to pack only the one free personal bag that we were each allowed. Each bag had to fit under the seat and be no larger than 16″ x 14″ x 12″.

I was lucky to find two bags that are just perfect. I bought them from a friend who was moving for just $2 each. They are pet gear bags, made of heavy duty canvas, with lots of pockets; leftover from the days when we used to work in pet product sales. They were brand new and still in their original packaging.

In the green bag: sandals, a snorkel and mask, 2 mosquito repellent arm bands, a phone charger, 5 pair of shorts, 7 shirts, 2 swim suits, and an assortment of undergarments and mini personal hygiene items.

In the blue bag: sandals, a snorkel and mask, 2 mosquito repellent arm bands, 5 shorts, 10 shirts, 1 swimsuit, a hat, and an assortment of undergarments, mini personal hygiene products, and all of our vitamins, aspirin, and Benedryl (because I ALWAYS get stung by something).

We haven’t packed the camera and Kindle yet but there’s room for both in the side zipper pocket. We plan to wear our tennis shoes.

I don’t think that I’ve forgotten anything but if so, it may just have to stay behind. There’s only a tiny bit of room left in each bag.

This is our first flight on Spirit so I hope this works!

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