Minor League in Montgomery

After 12 hours on the road (taking scenic Highway 19 along Florida’s nature coast), we arrived in Montgomery, Alabama. We usually travel through Georgia to get to my mom’s house in Tennessee, but this time we decided to take a side trip to Montgomery to see the Biscuits play. The Montgomery Biscuits are the AA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays and the current home of many of the young men we watched during their seasons with the Charlotte Stone Crabs.

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and I guess I expected it to be a bustling city like Nashville or Denver, but on Saturday, there was hardly a soul in sight downtown. Another thing that struck me as odd, there were almost no buses. We saw bus stops so I know they have buses, but there were next to none running. In fact, the whole day, we saw only two, and they were tiny.

Hank Williams GraveWithout a bus to take us around town, we were stuck driving with the U-haul. This makes for fun times when going through a cemetery in search of letterboxes. I’m not a country music fan but growing up near Nashville, I know a good bit about country music and the legends that created it. Among them – Hank Williams, Sr., who is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery, alongside his wife, Audrey. The gravesite is covered in Astroturf, of all things.

With the U-haul in tow, we drove around downtown looking for parking for the baseball game. When we stopped to ask a lot attendant for the best spot to park our extra-long vehicle, he opened the gate and directed us to the end of the reserved parking lot – for FREE! Since we love free things and nice people, it bears mentioning – so thank you, Mr. Lot Attendant! (It did take us a few tries to get out of the lot, but even that wasn’t a terrible hassle.)

Dreamland SignOur day in Montgomery included dinner at Dreamland BBQ, an Alabama landmark institution. Now a chain restaurant, Dreamland was started by John “Big Daddy” Bishop in 1958 after he literally had a dream that told him to open a restaurant. The sandwiches were huge, piled high with chopped pork (not pulled like you find in other Southern BBQ restaurants), with a side of the original recipe sauce that made Dreamland famous. I had Mac ‘n Cheese and Angie had baked beans. Delicious!

The Biscuits’ stadium, located near Riverfront Park, has great seats all around and a nice concourse with plenty of snacking opportunities. It’s like a mini version of a MLB stadium. We love Minor League Baseball and had an amazing time at the game. Angie even got her glove autographed. (We found that glove, along with two others and an aluminum bat, during our last dumpster run before leaving Florida. At the time, we had no idea what we’d do with them. Turns out, one came in pretty handy!)

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