Big Cat, Little Space

Caesar is definitely not tiny. Maybe once upon a time he might have been, but today he weighs in at a whopping 22 pounds. That means he’s pretty much a small dog (or two). I’ve seen RV-dwelling cats before – even ones that walked on a leash – but having lived his 13 years on Earth in apartments, I wondered if Caesar would adjust to life on the road.

My greatest worry – where would we put all of his stuff? His favorite blanket? His shiny mouse? His springy mouse? His food and water? Oh geez! Where were we going to put that monstrosity of a litter box in this little bitty box we now call home?!?!

I needn’t have worried. Just like he adapted to riding in the car, Caesar immediately made himself at home in the camper. He didn’t cry. He didn’t scream. He didn’t even pout or hiss (which he does when he’s superbly angry with us). And best of all, he hasn’t tried to dash out the door (yet) – though he has stationed himself there to watch birds a few times. As for his stuff – that’s a work in progress, much like where to put our own stuff.

For now, Caesar (and his moms) are content.

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