Something’s Gotta Give; but Please, Not the Ceiling!

There are pros and cons to buying something that is almost as old as you are – especially when that something has wheels or walls. We knew Scotty was going to be a project and we even planned accordingly by making our first campground reservation just 5 miles away, but holy cow, sometimes it seems the projects crop up like weeds in a garden.

On day one, it was the air conditioner. You can (but you really don’t want to) sleep in a metal box with no air on a Southern summer night…especially in a thunderstorm. Luckily, the air conditioner was simply clogged with remnants of a dry-rotted filter. Once we cleaned that out, it has worked great.

But speaking of rain…during my DIY patch job on the awning, I must have missed a spot or two because the darn thing filled up with water. It looked like a balloon. Try using a broom handle and a Swifer Sweeper handle to coax water out through a new strategically placed hole in the underside of your awning. It’s more fun than a visit to the water park…and you get just as wet.

Gnome watches it rain…and rain…and rain.

Holes seem to be a recurring theme around here. The skylight in the bathroom has a hole in it too. Wednesday’s torrential downpour filled up our bathtub, which by default filled up our gray water tank, and also soaked all of the dirty clothes that we had placed “out of the way” in the tub. To release the gray water, we hooked up our blue sewer cart. We were thrilled that Scotty’s last owners left us lots of useful items like the cart, but we soon learned that it has a hole in it too and is about 9 gallons too small to empty either of the tanks fully. They are 25 gallons each and it is 16. And if that wasn’t confounding enough, Scotty was built before on-board water level gauges were standard practice so the only way to know when the gray water is full is to watch for it to back up in the tub.

We’ve emptied the gray water tank twice over the past 3 days and I’d understand completely if we were actually able to take showers but there’s the small matter of the dysfunctional water heater. The pilot light comes on but the heater itself does not.

The upside of Saturday - fresh peaches from the Farmer's Market.
The upside of Saturday – fresh peaches from the Farmer’s Market.

On Saturday we took a break from the projects and went to the Farmer’s Market. The projects; however, did not take a break from us. We came back to find a congregation of ants having a tent revival under Angie’s blanket. There’s nothing in this world that Angie hates worse than ants, which is why I’m sure they picked her blanket and not mine. Our evening downtime on Saturday consisted on laying ant traps, spraying ants, and sealing every possible opening on that side of the camper – windowsills, hose inlets, and even misc. screw holes.

By Sunday, we were exhausted but happy that the day seemed to be progressing without incident. At 11 PM, I went for my last bathroom visit of the evening and happened to glance at the bathtub. There was 2 inches of water standing in it! Out I went to release part of the gray water into the holey potty cart. When I came back in, rambling about needing to fix the cart, Angie said the words you never want to hear when someone’s looking upward toward the ceiling: “I think you need to see this”.

Today’s agenda – fix the leaking skylight in the living area. Patch the hole in the potty cart and think about getting a bigger one. Clean the water heater assembly. Buy more ant traps. And remember that one day this will all be really funny.


2 thoughts on “Something’s Gotta Give; but Please, Not the Ceiling!

  1. I feel for you! We’ve had the AC break during a heat wave on the east coast, had to use a rolling potty drain, and suffered through “you need to see this” too. You are right – one day you will laugh about it. It’s that the point of your journey – to have “great” memories only the 2 of you can laugh about!?!?

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