Oh Deer! Something Ate Our Plants!

SpikeI don’t think it was a deer that ate Spike, Angie’s pet cactus, but Bledsoe Creek State Park is certainly full of them. I’m sure the most likely culprit was a bird. Poor Spike sat outside alone while we were eating breakfast and within a matter of minutes something had taken off all of his little ears. That same something also pulled all the orange peels from our trash can and left them scattered about the campsite. I guess it needed to cleanse its palate of the cactus needles before the next course.

Our nearly two week stay at Bledsoe Creek was (hopefully) our boot camp for RV living. If it could’ve gone wrong, it probably did. We managed to fix the majority of our problems from the previous post. Potty cart – patched. Skylight – sealed. Water heater – cleaned and in working order. The ants are a constant battle but after caulking and spraying around the windows and doors, they seem to have lessened. Our newest problem is the black water pipe that runs from the tank to the release valve. It, of course, has a hole in it. (Perhaps we should have called ourselves the Holey Rollers instead). I’m trying a J-B Weld waterproof putty on it to see if that works.

Though most of our time was spent either making repairs or visiting Home Depot, we did manage to have a little fun. We were able to take a few walks around the park, where we saw deer, turkeys, ducks, squirrels, cardinals, a possum and a groundhog.

We also planted our first letterbox – Birdsong Bouquet. On that walk alone, we saw five deer.

We had my mom over for a cookout and enjoyed a nice campfire.

We drove out to Fort Negley in Nashville to brush up on our Civil War history and find 5 letterboxes.

And I finally finished all of the curtains!

For our next stay, we’re venturing a little further out (though still not too far}. We’re off to Cedars of Lebanon State Park.

2 thoughts on “Oh Deer! Something Ate Our Plants!

    1. That’s really cool! I love the idea of a letterboxing badge. I have another hand-carved stamp that I’m working on. It will also be planted at Bledsoe – hopefully before June. Hope you all have a wonderful time letterboxing!


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