Rain, Rain…You Know the Rest

Cedars of Lebanon State Park is only 31 miles from Bledsoe Creek State Park. Your average driver towing a camper might be able to do it in 45 minutes. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes and we even had to take a detour through a neighborhood. I was so proud!

The move didn’t start out well though. We drove down to the boat launch area at Bledsoe to test the brakes with the new brake controller. The last time we set out, they locked up on us and made a nice skid mark in my mom’s pristine yard. As luck would have it (our luck, that is), the brake controller locked the brakes up again. I’ve tried adjusting it to the lowest setting but nothing seems to work, and this time, the brakes stayed locked after I turned the controller off. Imagine sitting in a boat launch, hooked to a camper, while Sunday boaters drive around and stare at you. I’m sure more than one of them thought we were going to back up and sink the old girll! Ah the joys of RV living!

When you're too short to reach the roof with a ladder, you improvise.
When you’re too short to reach the roof with a ladder, you improvise.

Since arriving at Cedars on Sunday (sans the brake controller), we’ve had about 12 hours of sunshine. It is raining now and has been all night. On the upside, our patch job on the skylight seems to have held. If it was going to leak, it surely would have done so in the torrential downpour last night (complete with scary lightning and thunder). It is at this point that I will admit to one of my greatest fears. Yes, I am afraid of whales but…more to the point here, I am terrified of storms. I was awake most of the night thinking the roof would cave in or we’d be struck by lightning or we’d float away. Angie popped up one time in a huge clap of thunder but for the most part, she slept fairly sound. I’m the worrier in our group and believe me, I do enough of it for all of us…probably enough for the entire campground.

Close quarters...that picnic table belongs to the neighboring site.
Close quarters…that picnic table belongs to the neighboring site.

Cedars of Lebanon is a beautiful park, more so when it’s not raining. The campground is a lot tighter than Bledsoe Creek though. The neighboring RV is about 20 feet away from our front door. Luckily, they are nice people. Dee and her father, Ralph, helped us to level Scotty when we arrived. The site, for the most part, is level but there’s a hump in the middle and we had the hardest time getting in just the right position. They have also watched out for our stuff when we’ve been away, keeping it out of the rain, and they brought over a list of fun activities hosted by the campground this weekend. I’m leaning toward the wagon ride and the owl prowl…if it ever stops raining!

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain…You Know the Rest

  1. Really enjoyed meeting all 3 of you this week. Too bad is was not nicer weather so we could have sat around a fire and chatted. Hope you have better weather throughout your trip. Be safe and remember Wal-mart has everything EVEN thunder! 😉

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    1. Thanks, Dee!! We enjoyed meeting you and your family too. I believe Angie now has a list called “Things Dee Recommended from Wal-mart” LOL. Thanks again for the table tents! Have a great summer!


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