Passing on the “Perfect Place”

We’re told to never to let an opportunity pass us by, to be ready when it knocks, and to always seize the day! These are all great mantras (and justifications) for living in the moment and doing things spontaneously and generally, I’d be right up there on the YOLO bandwagon…but today, I find myself on the opposite side of the fence.

There’s a small house two doors down from my mom that just went up for sale. It’s 816 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and sits on an acre lot outside the city limits, where we could have a few chickens. It’s also below our price range. By all accounts, it’s the perfect place for us.

little houseI haven’t thought about buying a house in a long time but now, I do think about it. I think about it because all around me I see people who are much, much older than us struggling to pay their rent. I see seniors on Medicare who still can’t afford their prescriptions. I see full-time workers in restaurants and retails stores who are well past retirement age. And well…it’s scary. I don’t want to work now. Why on Earth would I want to work when I’m old??

The apartment that we’re renting is not one that we would like to live in long term. If we were on a fixed retirement income though, it would likely be all that we could afford. I can’t imagine having to live in a place like this until I die. So yes, I think a lot about buying a house while we’re still young enough to pay it off before retirement.

So about the little house in my mom’s neighborhood…

It is really tempting. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve almost contacted the realtor for a tour. Every time I see it, I can picture our spring garden and walking to my mom’s for our weekly dinner date. In times like this, it’s really easy to let emotions lead the way but buying a home is a big decision.

Opportunity by definition is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. This is not an opportunity for us because it’s not actually possible to do something. We’d have to manipulate the circumstances to make it work – ie. deplete our savings to buy out (or break) our lease. And is that what we really want to do?

After a whirlwind year that included moving, traveling for 3 months in a money-pit RV, selling said RV, and starting over from scratch furnishing a new apartment; I can honestly say no. I just want to rest.

By next spring, we will have had time to restore ourselves mentally, physically, and financially. We’ll be in a much better position to buy a home, should we decide to. The cute little house next door to Mom might not be available, but it’s a big country full of small homes so I can’t help but believe that a real opportunity will come our way when we’re ready.

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