Birthday Beginnings

Write. Erase. Write. Stop. Walk around. Write. Erase. Close computer.

That’s where I’ve been for the past few months. Every time I sit down to write, I have nothing to say. More accurately, nothing positive to say; in which case, I’ve always heard that it’s best just to say nothing at all.

Since moving away from Florida last June, our life has been the antithesis of minimalism. We’ve spent an insane amount of money, with next to nothing to show for it. We’ve traveled nearly nowhere. We’ve eaten at more restaurants than I care to count. We’ve made hasty decisions borne solely out of stress. Even worse, we’ve let other people influence our decisions (and not for the better either!)

But that’s about to change…

birthday cakeFriday is the second best holiday of the year – my birthday! (Christmas, of course, being the first). For my birthday gift, I’m giving myself a pass on all the crazy things we did last year and starting with a blank page. At the very top of that page, I’m posting our NOT List. This is a list that Angie and I put together on New Year’s Day of the things that we will not do in 2016.

We will NOT:
  • Buy a RV and attempt to travel the US 🙂
  • Be a participant in other people’s dramas.
  • Waste money on things we don’t need.
  • Make hasty decisions involving things that cost more than $100 or involve a contract.
  • Go out to eat more than once per week (except on vacation or for family celebrations).
  • React without thinking when we are feeling frustrated.
  • Be cheap when it comes to vacation accommodations (frugal, yes…cheap, no).
  • Waste food.
  • Forget who we are together and what our goals are.

Lest it seem that we’re just not going to do things in 2016, let me introduce you to what we are going to do. Our mission this year is to live on 50% of our income, directing the remainder to our one and only debt (my student loan), savings, and travel. To learn more about this mission and how we plan to accomplish it, one month at a time, read our mini-manifesto: Mission 2016.

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