January Progress To Goals

Our overall goal for the year is to live on 50% of our income. To help us reach this goal, we chose a different money-saving focus for every month of the year. January’s focus was reducing our grocery spending.

Here’s how things worked out:

  • We cut our total grocery and household spending by 32%.
  • We ate all but one meal at home – 31 breakfasts, 30 lunches, and 31 dinners. The one meal out cost ~$8.
  • We celebrated 2 birthdays on a budget, including preparing 2 family meals complete with cake and ice cream.
  • We lived on 55% of our income (40% went to savings, 5% was carried forward as cash for February)

January Progess Chart

**January happened to be an atypical month for us. We had extra income from a freelance job that I completed in December.

January wasn’t just about saving money though. We did manage to have some fun as well.

  • We went bowling twice. With coupons, our total for 10 games and 1 shoe rental was $8.50.
  • We took a day trip to Mammoth Cave National Park to use passes we received for Christmas.
  • We took a snow day photo hike at Bledsoe Creek State Park.
  • We finally got library cards. Between the two of us, we read 7 books.
  • With our tiny discretionary spending allowance, we bought a 5X zoom and a wide angle lens for our camera and a windowsill herb garden.


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