Our Minimalist Home

Our money-saving focus for February is on DIY household projects (and tasks). To start, I’d like to introduce you to our minimalist home.

Our apartment was built in 1965 in a town where the main occupation was factory work. The apartment was normal sized at the time but by today’s standards, it is considered small at only 475 sq. feet. My grandparents once lived a block away in a tiny house of their own, within walking distance of their employer, Yale & Town (I believe they made locks). You can look out our bedroom window and still see several factories, most of which are now defunct.

The whole apartment is a 19′ x 25′ rectangle divided into 3 rooms and a closet. The closet and the bathroom are exactly the same size – 5′ x 8′. The kitchen is the smallest space I think I’ve ever seen outside of a hotel room. It features a tiny 18″ countertop situated between a double sink and a stove. No dishwasher, no garbage disposal, no washer, no dryer, no central heat/air. There wasn’t even a light over the sink until Angie installed it.

We’ve slowly personalized the place to make it our own over the past 5 months and now, despite its shortcomings, it is a place that we are proud to call home.

Living Room 2 Living Room 1 20160202_132147 20160202_132341 20160202_132356 20160202_132525 20160202_132851 20160202_134324 20160202_134339
20160202_132953 20160202_132545

There are some areas that are more cluttered than I’d like (namely the kitchen) but 90% of everything in our home is put to use on a daily or weekly basis. I’d say about 10% is purely decorative. A lot of the things shown were DIY projects. Angie made the clothes racks in our bedroom and the potholder rack in the kitchen. I made our headboard.

This month we want to focus on being more self-reliant, making some household products for ourselves, shaping a more user-friendly kitchen space, growing herbs, and perfecting our home hair-cutting skills. If along the way, we create something clever or useful, that will just be an added bonus.

6 thoughts on “Our Minimalist Home

  1. Its lovely that you are happy to live in a modest-sized space and without unnecessary gadgets and clutter! We are in 576 square feet in the UK and it feels palacial for the 3 of us, any bigger would be too big. And the fewer appliances the better – when our microwave broke down we realised it was useless and are now using the cupboard space for groceries instead!

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    1. Thanks! Looking at the pictures of your 2nd bedroom (Learning Annex) a few weeks ago is actually what inspired me to post some photos of my own. I love what you’ve done with your space too!! I thought it incredible that you have 2 bedrooms in 474 sq. feet – and each looks so spacious!

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