3 thoughts on “Five Thought Friday (Week 3)

  1. Home haircuts do save a lot of money. I bought a wahl clipper set after getting a couple really bad haircuts at the barbers for my boys. I figured why pay someone to screw up their hair? I have had my husband cut my hair for years as the salon stylists left me in tears far too many times. I figure between the costs of the haircuts, tip and transportation I save over $1000 a year. How my hair looks is important to me, they seemed not to care and then I would hear, its just hair, it will grow back. OK, so why pay someone a lot of money to do what I can get done at home for free? And my husband allows does a great job on our haircuts. No driving, wasting time waiting for the haircuts, getting them rushed through and looking at the poor results that need to be fixed at home later. I know there will be some some that will slam my comment, but the hard working dedicated stylists, were no where to be found in the places I was going to or taking my children.And I have no intention of returning to the salon and barbershop to pay for bad haircuts.

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    1. I completely agree. I have thick hair and have heard so many times at the salon that my hair is “just too hard to work with”. I too have left in tears wondering why I just paid someone to give me a cut that looked like it was done by a team of preschoolers. Angie is gaining confidence as she cuts my hair but even her mistakes look better than some cuts we’ve paid for. Thanks for sharing your story!


      1. The sad part is that 98% of the licensed “professionals” do not last more than six months in the field. The beauty schools pump out hundreds, they get some experience, but then cannot make a living renting a booth because they have no following. They then move onto being a secretary, cashier or driving bus. I know about 5 friends in high school that went this route and have a couple cousins and a former sister-in-law that got sucked in, paid thousands for the school and then moved onto another job. So once Angie has been doing your hair for a couple years, she may just have more experience than one of the pros at the local great clips, haircuttery, etc. My neighbor who worked in a salon,stopped by while my husband was giving me a trim on the patio last summer. She said he was doing a great job, but… then followed up with observations that my hair was too thick, needed to be thinned out, it needs to have layers cut so it doesn’t lay flat and that my hair was getting quite long and he wasn’t taking off enough. He continued to trim my hair exactly as I asked him to. It reminded me of why I was no longer going to the salon, and made me thankful he was wielding the shears, rather than a “know it all” scissor happy stylist at the salon.

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