Five Thought Friday (Week 7)

#1) Last Friday I posted about our March mission – decluttering for cash – and at the time I thought all of our profits would be used to repair the car. While that may still come to be the case, we now know it wasn’t the alternator giving us problems. I immediately thought alternator because the dash lights went out when I turned the headlights on. (And yes, I did check the dimmer switch first lol). Turns out, we have a bad relay that is affecting just the dash light. That repair is not a priority but we will get it fixed later this month. On the upside, we’ve netted $81.67 from our decluttering so far and we’ve donated one bag of clothing to charity.

cherry-blossom-festival#2) I learned this week that Nashville is one of the top 10 places in the US to see cherry blossoms. I would say that this fact alone made us change our minds about going to Washington, DC next month but truth is, we were presented with an opportunity to visit DC, PA, and NY as part of a much larger trip this fall, so we decided to change our travel plans. The Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival is April 9. With 800+ cherry trees lining the streets, we should be able to get our cherry blossom fix much closer to home this year.

#3) Our money saving efforts continue. The spring weather has made it easy to cut back on electricity. So far, we’ve gone 23 days without turning on the heat or air. On the grocery cost cutting front, this week we visited a new fresh food market nearby in hopes that it would be similar to the Amish Market we loved in Florida (or at the very least a lot like Sprouts). Nope. It’s one of those fancy food markets that caters to people who mistakenly equate high prices with quality. We quickly turned around and went to Kroger, where we found blemished apples for 99 cents a bag and organic salad greens reduced to $1.49.

Free Range Humans#4) I read an awesome book this week – Be a Free Range Human by Marianne Cantwell. In the book, Marianne lays out steps and strategies for turning your passion into income. For some time now I’ve dabbled in freelance work while maintaining my full time job. Most of my freelance work comes from referrals. The book got me thinking that perhaps I should spend a little more time growing my freelance business so that I might be 100% free range one day (soon).

#5) Spring has sprung here in Tennessee (though I’m not counting out a late season freeze or frost). We started our strawberries, tomatoes, and pepper seeds indoors and were able to move the little sprouts out to the porch this week. We’re still a good 3-4 weeks out from planting them in the ground though. We mowed mom’s yard for the first time this season on Monday and have 16 bags of mulch waiting to be spread around the trees and flower beds on Saturday. I don’t know whether to be excited or overwhelmed with the amount of work we’ve gotten ourselves into. I think I’ll go with excited.


2 thoughts on “Five Thought Friday (Week 7)

  1. Awesome progress – love hearing about it. Great that the alternator wasn’t the problem after all. Enjoy the beauty and freshness of spring. 🙂 And the freedom of being a free-range human is something I have wanted for years. Went down a lot of wrong paths toward that and spent a lot of money trying to figure out my passion. I wish you the best of luck in this and all your other adventures.


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