The Life of a Minimalist Cat

It has been a hectic week for us. Took mom to the doctor. Put the Xterra in the shop. Met the plumber at mom’s house and coordinated a load of gravel to be delivered for her driveway. Mowed the yard. Mulched the flower beds. Worked all week. And we had guests for three nights! Needless to say, there wasn’t much time for writing so I decided to let our cat do the talking this week. Enjoy!

“Embracing minimalism can be difficult for humans but not so much for cats,” says Caesar, a 13 year old Tuxedo cat who gave up his kitty condo and favorite ball of string four years ago to enjoy a simpler lifestyle. “I was living in a house with two other cats, sometimes four, three dogs, and some people called roommates. We were always surrounded by stuff! I mean everywhere I turned there was STUFF and my moms worked ALL THE TIME! It wasn’t a good life and I knew something had to give. That’s when I convinced them that we needed a place of our own.

20151115_102259In 2012, Caesar, along with his two moms moved to Florida. “We put everything we owned into a little U-Haul trailer and made a promise to each other that we’d do whatever it took to live a stress-free, happy life. And that’s what we did!” says Caesar.

“Last year we packed up all of our stuff again and went on a travel adventure. Who knew I’d actually like riding in the car! And camping. I love camping! 

“Now we live in a place called Tennessee. It’s where my Nanny lives. She brushes me and gives me treats.”

“Every day is a new opportunity for my family and me and as soon as I see Mother Nature’s light bulb come on outside, I jump onto moms’ bed and shout how happy I am to be awake. They call me their alarm clock and as soon as they get out of bed, I go back to sleep.”

“Sometimes I help my Mom with her work. She has a lot of paperwork to do and I love to file. I always remind her that work is just supposed to take up part of the day. Playing with me takes up the rest.”


“Sometimes we watch TV or play video games…and eat snacks. But no matter how busy my day gets, I always make time for a nap. I love nap time!”

“So as you can see,” surmises Caesar, “the life of a minimalist cat…or a minimalist human…can be a pretty good one. We have what we need and need only what we have…a cozy home, plenty of food, and lots of love for each other.”

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