The Great Closet Purge II

For a tiny apartment, we have one massive walk-in closet. It has 336 cubic feet of storage space (measuring 7’L x 6’W x 8’H). A few modifications and we could almost use it as a guest room (believe me, I’ve thought about it!). But because it happens to be the only storage of any kind in this place, we use it as a clothes closet, a pantry, a linen closet, a home for recycling, and a place to store sporting gear, backpacks, and the one box of childhood mementos that each of us keeps.

One of my projects for this month was to declutter and organize the closet. We don’t own a lot of stuff anymore but even a few extra things can make you feel…well, cluttery. And every time I walked into this room called a closet, I felt that way.

On my first pass through the clothing section, I took out anything that we hadn’t worn since we moved to Tennessee. First dibs went to my sister. The items she didn’t want went to Goodwill. Same for the shoes…though I seem to be harboring some sort of sentimental attachment to 2 pair of dress shoes that I haven’t worn in years. Perhaps next time I’ll let them go.

We gave away a broken XBox and manual food processor. We sold a 35mm camera and a mobile hotspot. I just listed 2 brand new wetsuits on Ebay and have a box of miscellaneous electronic items to put on Craigslist (or LetGo). Once I finish going through them, I’ll also have a box of picture frames to add to the pile and some odds and ends jewelry to sell online. Though I’m hoping this decluttering for cash project nets a modest profit, the bigger reward is in having less stuff to manage.

This is the left side of our closet now (aka the clothing and linen side)…

And the right or the pantry and general storage side…

The two laundry bags on top of the green bins are our recycling bags. Blue = plastics and green = paper. We still keep cans in the kitchen. Right now, the pantry’s looking a little bare due to a few changes we’re making in our eating habits.

I’m pretty happy with how the closet turned out. Now we just need to keep it that way! Those storage bin tops – like most vertical spaces – are a temptation to clutter. When one of us doesn’t feel like putting something away properly, it usually ends up on top of a bin. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we do better this time.


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