Five Thought Friday (Week 11)

20160404_123242#1) We’ve done really well this week as newly minted part-time vegetarians – thanks in part to my bank. Wells Fargo offered us a $15 credit to try Android Pay. Fortunately the only place I know around here that takes Android Pay is Hendersonville Produce, so we bought all kinds of fresh veggies with our credit. We’ve had 3 completely meat-free dinners, including homemade brocolli mac & cheese, and 2 dinners with a very small serving of meat (one was a BLT and the other a chicken thigh). I’m proud of Angie. She was a really picky eater when we met. The only green vegetable she would eat was green beans. This week alone, she’s tried 3 new green things – asparagus, lima beans, and kiwi fruit. To learn more about eating a plant-based diet, we’re going to Nashville’s first annual VegFest tomorrow. It should be fun!

#2) We donated 4 boxes of shirts and blouses to ARC this week. Four boxes out of the 6 that were given to us by my mom’s friend and her sister last Saturday. Receiving such a gift left Angie and I both with very mixed emotions. On the one hand, we felt it was very sweet and we were grateful to have been thought of by the sisters. On the other hand, we have no idea what to do with all these clothes! I suppose to most folks, Angie and my wardrobe might seem sparse. But that’s on purpose. When I think about having to buy more hangers to put up the few items that I may keep, it gives me a headache. So while I contemplate new hangers vs. getting rid of a few of my own shirts to keep harmony in the closet, the remaining 2 boxes are still in the car.

#3) I started reading Stuffocation: Why We’ve Had Enough of Stuff and Need Experience More Than Ever by James Wallman this week. Wallman is not a minimalist. He’s a trend forecaster. I’m about a third of the way through and the jury’s still out on whether I like his message. There are parts of the book where he seems to support minimalism and parts where he seems to bash it. It is interesting though to read his stories about some of the minimalist bloggers that I follow, like Tammy Strobel and Joshua Becker.

20160404_154240#4) Speaking of reading, we took our hammocks out to Bledsoe Creek State Park on Monday after work, hiked up the ridge, and lounged about reading for an hour. This time my book of choice was The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz. I wasn’t impressed with this book either, but I was impressed with the hammock. I think I could actually sleep in it.

#5) In keeping with this month’s theme – cheap travel – we’re heading off on a little adventure next week in early celebration of Angie’s birthday. Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, Kentucky probably aren’t on a lot of people’s bucket lists but for us these places are home to two of our favorite pastimes: baseball and letterboxing. Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati may just be a letterboxers dream – there are more than 50 boxes hidden in this National Historic Landmark. Spring Grove is, by the way, the 2nd largest cemetery in the US. Amid all the letterboxing, we’ll be visiting the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and taking in two minor league games. Accommodations are yet to be determined but we’re toying with the idea of camping in the car (an idea inspired from a post by Mariah at Comet Camper).


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