You Might be a Minimalist…

BackpackHatAs I was packing our backpacks this morning for our 3-day adventure to Northern Kentucky, my mom asked (in that tone that moms often use when they don’t understand why you do something), “Is that all you’re taking with you?

I’ve seen people at airports with enough luggage to furnish a small apartment but the thought of lugging lots of stuff on vacation seems counter-intuitive to me. Vacation = relaxation and fun. Stuff = just the opposite. It never occurs to us to pack an extra this or that on the off-chance that we might “need it”.  After all, we’re minimalists and our minds just don’t work that way 🙂

Which got me thinking…

That famous Jeff Foxworthy line popped into my head as I pondered all the ways in which we as minimalists approach the world a little differently than others.

You might be a Minimalist if…

  • Packing for a week-long trip requires one carry-on bag and leaves you with only two outfits in your closet.
  • All the souvenirs from your travels over the past year fit onto a flash drive.
  • Your idea of a fun shopping day is going to the Farmer’s Market.
  • You can estimate the time it would take to pack up and move to a new home in hours instead of days (or weeks).
  • Your favorite drinking glass once held your mom’s homemade jelly.
  • Nothing ever gets lost in your “junk drawer”.
  • Instead of feeling envious when folks show you pictures of their new car, new house, or latest designer gadget, you feel kind of sorry for them.
  • Your favorite calculation is subtraction.
  • Cleaning your entire home takes less time than baking a cake.
  • You think all the problems on HGTV’s Love It or List can easily be solved by decluttering.
  • The folks at the local thrift store donation center call you by your first name.
  • You have no idea what new shows are coming to cable this season.
  • Your library card is the most used card in your wallet.
  • The simple things in life really do make you happy.

What can you add to this list?

4 thoughts on “You Might be a Minimalist…

  1. If you can’t fill a dishwasher with your dishes/kitchen utensils, so you just wash them by hand.

    I am an aspiring minimalist in other areas of my life, but my kitchen cabinets are on point!

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