7 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Approximately 70% of us live within 10 miles of a Farmers’ Market. In case you need a reason to shop there, here are 7 from The Zero Waste Chef. Happy reading & happy eating!

Zero-Waste Chef

2015-03-08 farmer's market

Find your local farmer’s market through Local Harvest.

I’m a huge proponent of shopping at the farmer’s market. Here’s why:

1. The FDA just approved GMO apples and potatoes

Silly Mother Nature. She designed apples that turn brown or bruise and potatoes that develop spots—food that rots. Thank goodness agribusiness has come to the rescue. (No hubris there…) After all, who has time to deal with apples that brown? As my local paper, the San Jose Mercury News explains:

“Okanagan, based in British Columbia, is trying to make apples a more convenient snack with its non-browning version. The company says bagged apples wouldn’t have to be washed in antioxidants like they are now, a process that can affect taste. […] ‘We know that in a convenience-driven world, a whole apple is too big of a commitment,’ Carter [Okanagan company founder] said.”

If you find a whole apple too big…

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2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market

  1. Funny, those apples that are now too big to eat in one sitting are a result of hybridization. Heirloom apples, such as the Spartan apple, are a perfect snack size. Know that I know apples are the victims of GMO, off to the farmers’ market I go!

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    1. I thought that was crazy too! Apples are too big of a commitment. You’re absolutely right…organic or even just home gown apples are not that big at all. They are usually the perfect “commitment size” 🙂


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