Five Thought Friday (TGIF! Edition)

It has been a while since I made a 5 Thought Friday update post but this week has definitely been one for the record.

First the good stuff –

SquashGarden#1) Despite a few minor setbacks this month (heavy wind and lots of rain), we’ve started getting veggies from our garden now. The first yellow crookneck squash and zucchini came off over the weekend and we’ve averaged picking 1-2 per day this week. The cucumbers are slowly recovering from rot and we’ve picked 2 so far. The tomatoes are everywhere! They aren’t ripe yet but we have 3 sizes – Minibel, Cherry, and Beefsteak. Angie’s lone pepper plant is still hanging in. The blackberry plants have perked up since we moved them to a sunnier location. And the potatoes are growing like mad!

#2) This was a week of firsts for us in the kitchen. We made our first batch of homemade cheese, along with 2 loaves of bread, and 2 jars of pickled beets. The mozzarella ball was not quite perfect but still not bad for a first attempt.

Now the not-so-good stuff –

#3) My mom has had (uninvited) out-of-town relatives visiting this week. Not only did they show up unannounced, they came with no idea of how long they were going to stay and no agenda of things they wanted to do. So for a week now, my mom has had a grown man and a boy sitting around in their pajamas in her home. They’ve taken over the TV, the internet, and the kitchen; leaving a wake of destruction in their path. I’m not sure if it was gum on the floor or bacon on the wall that pushed my mom’s last button but last night she exploded. Like an atomic bomb. There was no reasoning with her after that and I sit her today hoping that the guests did indeed leave like they promised me they would.

#4) And on that same subject – I’m crying (on the inside) over all the food waste these two produced. If they didn’t want to eat it, they threw it away! Everything from whole hot dogs in buns to a pan full of sausage! Yesterday we went over to mow the yard. As we were pulling into the driveway at 4 PM, the boys were leaving to go get a sandwich. When we walked into the house, we found almost a pound of cooked sausage and a pot of grits on the stove. They were still warm! I asked my mom about it and her response: “They said it didn’t taste good”. It was the same story when my mom made Sunday dinner. They nibbled and complained and we took home enough food for 3 meals. (Don’t even get me started on the pizzas we bought for everyone!!)

And finally back to more good stuff –

Campfire#5) While it might be categorized as the visit from Hell, I did get to spend a little time getting to know my 11-year-old cousin this week. It was my first time to meet him. Despite his poor eating habits and tendency to jump on the furniture, he’s not a bad kid. He’s mostly an introvert but we did get him to come outside with us for a bonfire. We even introduced him for the first time to roasted marshmallows.(He didn’t like those either.) But he did say, while gazing into the fire, something very profound. “I like this,” he said. “It’s simple. I think this might be something nice to share with my kids someday.” It’s hard to know what my little cousin’s life is like outside the microcosm of this week’s experience but his statement leads me to believe that he might not get to enjoy things like bonfires and camp-outs with this own parents. I’m glad we were able to show him at least one of life’s simple pleasures.

Cover photo taken at Saunders Ferry Park, Picnic Shelter #4, Hendersonville, TN. 

4 thoughts on “Five Thought Friday (TGIF! Edition)

  1. Oh, wow, your poor mom! It is outrageous and yet so sad that these out-of-town relatives behaved this way. Have they no home of their own? Why in the world did they just show up. Good for you for intervening on your mom’s behalf to tell them to leave. And it is awesome that you were able to give your cousin the campfire experience. I hope it is something that shows him a different path than his grown-up companion is taking.

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    1. Thanks! So the short version of a long story – the relative is my uncle. He’s my mom’s baby brother, though he’s much closer to my age than to hers. He has a home and a even a business in NC. He and his wife separated last year and this is his first summer alone with his son. I don’t think either of them knows how to handle the other. Back in April, my mom told him he couldn’t come visit because she wasn’t up to it. Then this month, he just shows up out of the blue. Being the baby in the family, he’s always had a hard time with the word “no”.

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