Boxed Up and Ready to Go!

We’re just 2 days away from our big move down the street and honestly, I am ready for it to be over. It has been harder to plan this simple 2 mile move than it was to actually move cross-country twice. Starting in July, I called a total of 6 moving companies. Only 2 called me back. One quoted $650 to move a couch, loveseat, queen platform bed, and some misc. furniture and boxed items, while the other said it would only be $$225.

In the mix of getting quotes, my niece’s (now ex) boyfriend and his roommate said they would help load/unload a U-Haul for $60 (or $100 if we used their trucks instead of a U-Haul). Great deal, right? Wrong! Who knew they would pick the Sunday prior to our move for the Epic Breakup of 2016??

So I’ve spent the week scrambling to find someone to lift furniture. Forget movers. We simply need someone to carry the heavy furniture downstairs. After placing an ad on Craigslist (where apparently “moving help” is code for something kinky), I think we’ve found some helpers. I’m hoping they show up on Saturday ready to move actual furniture. If not, we’re all in for a real surprise!

Getting a head start on packing...
Getting a head start on packing…

We signed our lease this afternoon (post-dated for Saturday). I think they do that to avoid a logjam in the office on weekends, with so many people moving in and out. We’re just one of five families moving in on Saturday. This was by far the simplest lease signing we’ve done, though not the most interesting. In Florida, we had to sign an Alligator Addendum. The most impressive addendum in this collection was the zero-tolerance policy on crime and drugs. One strike and you’re out. Gotta love that when you’re moving from a place where your neighbor offers you a joint on the way to check the mail.

Oh, the things we will not miss!

Tonight we are packing up the rest of our stuff, minus clothes, food, and toiletries. The upside to minimalism is that we should end up with a total of 20 small/medium size boxes to move. The downside of minimalism is that we can’t tape the boxes shut until moving day because we’re probably going to need something out of it about 10 minutes after we pack it.

Acorn Squash
Acorn squash with honey, brown sugar, and butter.

We’re not buying any more groceries until we move, which makes for some really creative meal ideas…like the ricotta cheese pizza that’s currently in the oven. It’s covered in veggies so it can’t be that bad, right?? A few nights ago we made a homemade mac and cheese with bits of leftover broccoli and some shredded chicken from inside a leftover burrito. It was actually delicious. As was our dessert of baked acorn squash.

We have only 62 hours left in our tiny apartment by the railroad tracks (not that I’m wishing my life away). That’s one more popcorn night and 2 more work days. Though we’ve only lived here a year, it has been a year that won’t soon fade from our memory!

Onward to new adventures!!

5 thoughts on “Boxed Up and Ready to Go!

  1. We might be a little late since you probably already settled into your new place months ago, but if you ever need any help moving again I would suggest to look into the moving/labor/hauling part of craigslist instead of placing your own add. You would be able to find companies like ours, ( Moving Help Center ), where we help with the moving labor only at a low cost. 2 Experienced Movers for 2 Hours for $120. Hope you are enjoying your new place.

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    1. This was our first time to try the acorn squash. It’s now one of my favorites. So…we placed an ad asking for a “2 person team to help load/unload a U-haul”. We had a lot of responses saying “I’m available” but the one that really stood out was the guy who said, “Let me know how sleazy you are so I can bring the right friend”. DELETE 🙂

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