September Progress to Goals

September was our first month in the new apartment – our first month to incorporate the 39% increase in rent into our budget. I was pretty hopeful that we’d find a way to stay on task with our savings goals despite the higher rent but I had no idea just how well this month actually went until I sat down tonight with my spreadsheet. Take a look:


We came really close to keeping our absolute expenses at 50% and we managed to put 35% of this month’s income into savings. We didn’t do anything extraordinary as far as reducing expenses goes. In fact, we dined out four times this month (a highly unusual occurrence for us) and we spent about $100 helping my niece get set up in her new place. We also decided to add Hulu back into our entertainment line-up. They were offering $5.99/month for a year and well, we wanted to watch season 1 of Blindspot.

I think the biggest contributing factor was that our income was up quite a bit. We got our full deposit back from the old apartment and had almost $700 in side-hustle income. We also opened a new bank account (specifically to use as a travel savings account) and earned a $300 bonus for meeting their conditions.

Speaking of travel…

Tomorrow we leave for our trip to New York and Washington, DC. I’m pretty excited. It’s been a while since we’ve been on a long vacation and this one will be a 9-day immersion into history, letterboxes, cityscapes, and fall colors. I’m not sure how much time I’ll spend online (hopefully very little) but we will be posting on-the-go to our Facebook and Instagram pages. We invite you to follow along.

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