So, what happened on Friday??

Because this is real life, things don’t always go as planned. I didn’t quit my job on Friday like I said that I would; but before you shake your head in disapproval or call me a great big chicken, I encourage you to read on.

When I wrote Un-jobbing to Beat the Blues, I was just back from vacation. It was Monday and I was frustrated with the big pile of work I found waiting for me when I turned on my computer that morning. In the heat of the moment, I made a snap decision. I would leave my secure job for several less secure ones.

Then Friday rolled around and Angie and I were out doing a project for one of our side hustles. Traffic was terrible and at the last minute my mom called to invite us over for dinner. All I really wanted to do was take a shower and curl up on the couch to watch Netflix. In that moment, I felt like the Universe was testing my patience for un-jobbing. Well, I failed the test. All the way home, I rationalized how I didn’t really need to leave my job, all I needed was a better schedule that included some “me” time. I further rationalized that it would be more stressful trying to make ends meet without this job than it would be to keep it.

On Saturday, resolved to the fact that we would continue to have secure and abundant income now that I had decided to stay, I ordered a new box spring for our bed (I’d been putting off this purchase for a long time) and we went to Lowe’s and bought some curtains. We spent the rest of the day raking leaves at Mom’s house and entertaining our now toddling niece. It was a pleasant day.

On Sunday, around the same time that I realized the Titans were not going to beat the Colts, I also realized I had to go back to work on Monday and the “end-of-the-weekend blues” kicked in. My stomach started to knot and by 3 AM, I was half-asleep/half-awake thinking about my to-do list. It was awful.

During those pre-dawn hours, I came to a few conclusions. Just because I changed my mind about staying, didn’t mean the work itself had changed or my responsibilities outside of work had suddenly lessened. I was in the same place that I was last Monday, and the Monday before, and all the Mondays of this past year. No new excuse or new survival plan was going to make a difference when the fact of the matter remains – I am no longer happy with my job.

This morning, I sat down with a cup of coffee and a book. I opened the back door to let in the crisp Fall air. I took a few deep breaths. And I resigned.

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