Too Much Tech Clutter!

We have too much tech clutter! No, I don’t mean Texas Tech (Angie’s alma mater) – though I’m sure some might see all the red and black gear in her closet as kind of cluttery (sorry, love!). I’m talking about technology. We’re swimming in a sea of things with cords!

A couple of weeks ago, Angie’s mom bought her a new laptop to replace the ancient laptop that we affectionately call Tank. Tank is terribly slooooow. It takes nearly 20 minute to boot Tank so he spends his days under the couch where even the dust bunnies refuse to get on him. From the beginning, we had mixed feelings about the gifted laptop. The gesture was nice but the laptop itself was pretty slow. Not quite as slow as Tank but not nearly as fast as the cloud-based laptops we currently use every day. And it was massive! A 15.6″ screen is nice for watching videos but not so nice for lugging around in a backpack. After a few days of discussion, we decided to take Goliath (the new laptop) back to Best Buy.

Having Goliath around for just those few days was enough to make us take a hard look at all the other corded creatures lurking about in our home. I might be missing something but for 2 people, we have:

  • 3 laptops (There’s Tank under the couch, my HP Stream, and Angie’s Chromebook)
  • 3 Kindles
  • techclutter4 Cell Phones (3 that still work)
  • 3 streaming devices (Roku, Tivo, and Google Chromecast)
  • 4 fitness watches
  • 1 external monitor
  • 1 printer/scanner
  • 1 Bluetooth keyboard
  • 1 Bluetooth speaker
  • 4 headsets
  • 4 rechargeable battery banks
  • 1 solar panel laptop charger
  • 1 Xbox 360
  • 1 DVD player (used once in the past year)
  • 1 cordless phone
  • 6 remotes
  • 3 TV antennas
  • 7 USB phone chargers
  • More miscellaneous cords than I care to count!

Oh yeah, that’s clutter if I ever saw it. And that doesn’t even include the slower-than-Tank laptop I gave to my mom last year or the dead TV that belongs to us that’s sitting in her back bedroom. Both of those items need to be recycled…along with Tank…and about half of the things on our list could use a new home.

So that’s what I’m doing today – uncluttering our tech clutter. Some things I plan to post on Ebay. Some are going to Best Buy’s recycling program. A few other items are going to Goodwill. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes.

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