Super Lean Spending Challenge Update

This month, we’re participating in the Super Lean Spending Challenge with our friends at Decluttering the Stuff. As we approach the middle of the month, I thought I’d post our progress so far.


Total spending month to date = $258.26

We spent $19 on entertainment for our February Freebie Fun Date and $16.81 for dining out (2 trips to Jersey Mike’s). Of the $40 we budgeted for gifts this month, we spent $32.66 (one birthday, one housewarming gift). We do one large grocery shopping trip per month (this time it was on the 4th). We’ve spent $144.88 on groceries for the month so far, which included a quart of local honey ($17.39). Honey is a staple around our house. Spending on household goods ($44.91) included the purchase of seeds from Seed Needs and Tractor Supply for our garden, 2 spools of thread for a sewing project, cat litter and new toothbrushes.

Our total grocery, household, and entertainment spending for February 2016 was $613.75 (or about 13% of our income). Using that as a baseline comparison, I think we’re on track to have a Super Lean Spending Month.

Weekly Progress to Happiness Goals Report (week ending 2/11)

    • No Spend Days = 3
      YTD = 23/200
    • Meatless Days = 2
      YTD = 18.5/144
    • Miles Walked/Hiked = 21.6/0
      YTD = 87.4/1,000 and 3.6/100
    • Decluttered Items = 29
      YTD = 217/2017
    • Side Hustle Income = $22.85
      YTD = $178.13/$1,825

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