2018 Food Finds


May – 0 total pounds of food

The grocery store next door reopened at the end of the month. We expect to resume our food rescue efforts soon.

April – 1.63 total pounds of food

We are temporarily on hold with our dumpster diving efforts. The grocer next door is closed completely now to finish their remodel. Periodically, we will check other grocers but have found many of their bins to be locked. In the meantime, we are concentrating our efforts on shopping the quick-sale and reduced-to-clear bins for produce and baked goods. We are also finding ways to be more involved in our community. Our only finds this month were:

4 oranges + 3 coffee pods

March – 0 total pounds of food

The shopping center next door began a renovation at the beginning of March. For most of the month, the dumpster has been behind a construction fence. We were hesitant to cross the fence and as such, we had zero food finds this month.

February – 121.22 total pounds of food

January – 63.17 total pounds of food + 45 non-food items