Spending Time with Ticky

We have the honor of babysitting our great-niece this week. It’s been nearly 7 months since she moved away and we’ve only seen her once in that time (except by video chat). Boy has she grown! At 3 years old, she’s quite independent, and quite the character. I don’t think we have laughed (or fought back laughter) this much in months. Since she’s been here, she’s been quite the helper. She fed the cat, loaded the dishwasher, gave Nanny her medicine, and made sure Angie had the right toys for the shower. In case you don’t know, adults need two ducks, not one, when we take baths. She has also made us an assortment of meals in her kitchen, from Lego pizzas to strawberry soup. They were all delicious.

Addison is here this week while her mom is “getting her a new baby brother”. Baby brother, Tristen, was delivered Monday afternoon at Vanderbilt, weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces. It will be a while before he comes home though. His heart is “broken”, Addison says. I suppose that’s accurate. He has a hole in his heart and some complications with his pulmonary artery. He will be having surgery next week. We have faith that this little fighter will be alright. His mom and sister love him very much.

We took big sister to see him yesterday and she was quite excited, telling everyone on the elevator that she had a new baby brother. He even opened his eyes for her, something he hadn’t done for anyone else. When I asked her what kind of eyes he had, she said, “Two.” You gotta love little kids!

With all that has been going on this week, I haven’t thought much about minimalism or food waste or frugal living. Instead I’ve been concentrating on family and enjoying this time with my “best friend” (Addison said that too). I will return to writing next week with our Thrifty Gifting post for 2018. Have a great week!

**In case you’re wondering about the title, my mom started calling Addison by the nickname Ticky when she was just learning to talk. She would come up to people and say “ticky, ticky, ticky” as she tried to tickle them. The name stuck and so did the tickling. She still tickles us at least 10 times a day and still says “ticky, ticky, ticky” while she’s doing it. 

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