Crazy Things I Heard This Week

We pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe minimalism, frugality, and simple living. It’s so much a part of who we are and what we do that we often forget that there’s an entire world out there full of people who are not minimalists or frugal or even concerned, for that matter. I don’t know why, but when I hear people say something that celebrates excess or consumerism or wastefulness (of money or resources), I’m taken aback…so much so sometimes that I just stand there shaking my head. This week, my head was on a swivel, it shook so much! Some things were truly funny, some were unbelievably strange, and a few were just plain wrong; so, if for no other reason than to rid my own mind of the nonsense, I want to share with you some of the crazy things I heard this week.

Crazy Thing #1

My cousin recently went on a cruise to the Caribbean with a couple he has known for a while. I don’t think he considers them to be close friends; just social acquaintances from his Bridge Club. When my cousin picked them up to head to the airport in his 10-year-old Nissan, one of his companions offered him this nugget of wisdom: “If you didn’t travel so much and eat at fine restaurants all the time, you would have the money to buy nicer stuff.” He actually used the word stuff, as if it was truly something to strive for. My cousin is in his early 50s, debt-free, and retired. His friend is not.

Crazy Thing #2

My aunt’s taxes on her 26-acre property were due at the end of February. The total bill was just a little over $500, which she opted to pay in monthly payments. When my mom asked if she just didn’t have the money, my aunt replied, “Oh, I have it, I just don’t want to part with it.” My mom then proceeded to tell me that when my uncle was alive, he would always borrow money from my grandfather, even when he had the exact amount of money he needed in his own wallet. Why? Because he just didn’t want to part with it! Hmm…I guess that’s one way to save your money!

Crazy Thing #3

Angie’s mom’s friend, Betty, is retiring this year. She’s 64. When Angie asked her mom what Betty plans to do after she retires, she answered, “She’ll probably do what all retired people do – go through her closets and get rid of stuff.” Good to know that’s what all retired people do. I feel retired already!

Crazy Thing #4

Betty’s husband, Bob, has been at his job for 30 years. His employer told him that he could have anything he wanted for his work anniversary – a vacation, cash, whatever. He picked a $25,000 ATV. A four-wheeler! Betty and Bob owe more than $60,000 in credit card debt and were once featured in one of our most popular posts, She Spent $1,700 Where?? As you can see, not much has changed in their life in the past two years.

Crazy Thing #5

A doctor in Texas told Angie’s parents to drink a shot of top-shelf tequila every day to prevent and reverse diabetes. I feel so cheated! My doctor just told me to eat more plants.

Crazy Thing #6

The lady who does my mom’s hair has a 48-year-old son who lives at home. He’s an average guy with a normal IQ who loves beer, motorcycles, and hanging out with his friends. In other words, there’s nothing stopping him from making it on his own. Except for the “contract”. Apparently when he graduated from high school, his mom offered him a deal – live at home and you’ll never have to work…or cook a meal for yourself…or do your own laundry. Sounds like a plan, right?? Except that he’s also prohibited from travelling anywhere or having anyone stay overnight. Not only did he agree to this, he signed an actual contract. Well, that’s certainly an approach to simple living I’ve never considered!

Crazy Thing #7

A friend of ours got a $600 income tax refund. Her stove recently went out and needs to be repaired or replaced. Logic might seem to dictate that part of the refund would go toward the stove – which most folks consider a necessity. Nope, she’s buying a Shou-sugi-gan torch. Not to be confused with something that flame grills veggies, this is a woodworking tool…and the latest in a long line of “cool looking” gadgets that will “make life easier” for her. I imagine it will go on the shelf in the garage, right next to the shrimp deveiner, the digital meat thermometer, and the 6-bulb garlic press. But hey, who needs those things anyway when you don’t have a stove??

I would worry about offending the real-life folks who participated in these crazy scenarios, but as Angie just told me:

Crazy Thing #8

No one in our family reads this blog because it’s not political and it doesn’t have anything to do with dogs.

What is the craziest thing you heard lately?

5 thoughts on “Crazy Things I Heard This Week

  1. I wish I was surprised by these but sadly I’m not. Where I work every single employee complains about not making enough money. 1. Not one of these employees work a full week. They do not let working get in the way of their daily lives 2. Tax refunds are for enjoyment not paying bills. 3. Every year they act like Christmas was moved up and they were unaware, of course credit cards come out rent goes unpaid. How do I know they don’t pay their rent? Because I’m in HR and I get the phone calls from their landlords and creditors. I could go on but you get the picture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear you! One year, in January, I gave a calendar to a certain close family member with Christmas circled. The note said “Don’t forget, Christmas falls on the 25th of December this year”. She was not amused but she also didn’t ask me to loan her any money to buy gifts that year either.


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