Lettuce Try Again

Several weeks back, after seeing some success from replanting a celery stalk, we decided to plant the stems of a few store-bought artisan lettuce heads. In the beginning, it looked like all was going well. Each little head sprouted; but while there were 4 different red and green varieties in the container, every sprout looked the same.

We placed 3 under the grow light and one in the windowsill. Sadly, these lovely little plants never produced more that what you see in the pictures. Soon after beginning to form leaves, they all decided to bolt! Each lettuce head started sending shoots with sparse leaves upwards like a beanstalk – even the one in the windowsill. But, we continued to let them grow. There’s something nice about seeing a green plant inside the house when it’s starting to get cold outside. But then, this morning, we awoke to this:

I don’t know if any of this is normal or abnormal for replanted lettuces. There’s a lot of how-to videos online about replanting them but not a lot of info on what they look like in the various stages of growth. From our experience with herbs though, this definitely looks like the plant bolted (and then fell over). Bolted lettuce can still be eaten but it’s kind of bitter, so we opted not to put these leaves in our salad.

This was our first attempt to grow lettuce indoors but it won’t be our last. Next time though, we’ll probably start our crop from seed.

Have you had success growing lettuce indoors? Or replanting a lettuce stem? We’d love to hear about your experience.

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