The Lowdown on Our Lockdown

I’m not going to lie, this situation is starting to get me down. We like to think of ourselves as homebodies but the truth is, for as much as we love whipping up recipes in the kitchen and working in the garden, we also enjoy getting out and going places. I miss the park. I miss eating lunch at our favorite picnic table and taking a hike. I miss camping and exploring new places. And I’m pretty bummed that every single plan we had for spring has been cancelled – the Baker Creek Seed Festival, the Mother Earth News Fair, and opening day of the Hot Rods baseball season.

I think we are now on day fourteen bazillion and thirty-seven of our safer at home order (which sometime last week became a stay at home order). That home – the one we’re being asked to stay in – has probably never been so clean and clutter-free. We even borrowed a ladder from my mom to deep clean the light fixtures!

Our State Parks are now closed and our grocery stores have started limiting the number of people who can go in at one time. I’ve been given the option to continue to work my merchandising gig (with provided safety equipment and extra pay) or stay home without penalty. Right now, because I’m only in stores a few hours a week, I’ve opted to continue working. I admit though – it’s a little disconcerting to have someone reach over the top of your shoulder to get something off the shelf.

As we’ve settled into the knowledge that we can’t really go anywhere or do the things we had planned for spring, we’ve been trying to find fun in our new routines. We’ve started having more patio picnics and getting our walks in by circling our apartment complex and the row of empty restaurants across the street. We planted our green beans and are now counting down the days until our first crop of radishes are ready for harvest. That’s pretty exciting!

We’ve also been catching up on our outdoor to-do list. I fixed the Weed-Eater so I don’t have to hand weed the fence row (or heaven forbid, watch the neighbor douse it with Round-Up!) We crafted a planter for our herb seeds that should be here today from MIGardener.

And we finally got around to cracking all of the black walnuts we foraged for last fall.

Amid all the wondering and worrying and trying to make the best of a bad situation, a funny thing happened. I picked up the lid from a metal can that Angie had been using in the garden and tossed it to her to put away in the shed. It sailed across the yard just like a Frisbee and she caught it in her free hand. I smiled. She laughed. And she tossed it back to me.

For half an hour, we stood in the yard tossing what had once been the lid of a Christmas popcorn tin back and forth, laughing each time it clanked to the ground and cheering when we made a hard catch. It was fun. It was freeing. And for a minute, I felt a little less frustrated by everything going on in the world around me.

How are you holding up at home? What are some of the things you find yourself missing most? What are you doing to stay sane?

6 thoughts on “The Lowdown on Our Lockdown

  1. We are getting a little bit of cabin fever with the mandatory stay home order and a week of rain – I know it is nothing like the eastern rains but getting about 2.5 inches this week is a lot for us. Thankfully, the storm has passed and will be sunny tomorrow. Gloomy outside and forced to stay home don’t go well together for us.

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  2. How fun!! I’m getting VERY aggravated by the kids. Help!! At least they do go out in the yard sometimes. Do you think we’d get in trouble for penning them up, just for like 30 min???

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    1. I can imagine! My niece would tell you YES, do it! She turned her living room into a “kids only zone” and put up a baby gate in the doorway. Her kids are old enough to ignore the gate – the oldest is 12 – but she puts the fear of mom in them and they stay in there, for 30 minutes at least 😊 She said it’s the only way she can get any peace when they are inside the house. Yes, they do a fair amount of trying to kill one another but so far no one has succeeded. Hang in there!!

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  3. I miss the walks. I dare not go out to areas to walk for simple reason having no control of the social distance, with everyone having the same mind to.
    I am wondering if my day trips booked, will end up being cancelled. This will all depend on whether the social distance will be lifted or not and for how long. Its over a month away.

    Dvd’s are keeping me sane and other things. But dvd mailly in this difficult world we are in, plus my own stuff going on.

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