Have a Seat, Let’s Catch Up

First things first – I promise that a tour of our new apartment is forthcoming. Angie is back from Texas and we have finally started settling in. As you can see from the picture above, Caesar wasted no time in finding a new resting spot. We’ve been gardening, canning a few pickles and tomatoes, and one morning, we even went to the pool.

The tops of our new cabinets make great storage!

The hold up on the home tour isn’t our own busyness though. You might say, we’ve had a wee bit of a problem with our furniture. Most specifically, that couch we were so excited to find at a bargain. Turns out that either everyone in Nashville ordered the same couch or it was a bargain because it was coming from somewhere far, far away.

Every time it got close to our delivery date, we got bumped out another two weeks. No one ever called – we just got a random text or an email – so we have no clue what the real reason was but at one point I started thinking that we might have gotten it quicker if we’d ordered it off of Wish. July 2nd became July 16th and that became July 26th. We don’t know what the next date would have been because we were so tired of sitting on the floor by then that we canceled the order. That took an act of Congress! Well, 3 phones calls and 3 emails. So alas, to make a long story short, we can’t show you the cool flip-out lounger style sofa we were going to get. Wait! Yes we can. This is what it looks like on the furniture store’s website:

After several weeks with no place to sit, I decided on a whim to buy a couple of cheap accent chairs. And by cheap, I mean broke college student cheap. I bought two moon chairs from the back-to-school display at Target. The whole set-up (not including the lamp) cost less than $70 and surprisingly enough, those moon chairs are quite comfy.

The moon chair reading nook (before we rearranged things again!)

When Angie returned home from visiting her parents, we had a long discussion about life, money, minimalism, and our future furniture. We decided that for as much as we love being home, watching Netflix together, and eating popcorn, we don’t need a special couch to do it. We don’t even need a couch. But we did need something to sit on besides the moon chairs so we went back to the back-to-school display (at Walmart this time) and bought a convertible sofa (or a futon, clik-clak, settee, or what-have-you). It’s kind of cute, quite minimal, and even with the moon chairs and rug, we only spent half of what we would have spent for the couch that was never going to get delivered.

Hey, at least it’s not a milk crate!

You’re probably wondering – is it comfortable? Well now, that’s the $10 million question. Yes and no. Can you sit on it and watch TV? Yes. Can you take a nap on it? Yes. It actually sleeps quite well. But can you do either of those things all day long? Probably not. Even after we added a few throw pillows, the comfort level only rose to about what you might get sitting in the back seat of our car. Which is okay.

Wait! What??

It’s okay because we don’t want to spend our lives sitting on the couch anyway. We’ve done way too much of that this year already. (Way, way too much!)

We have a great pool here in our new complex, a walking trail, good neighbors, and a lot of great new ideas for adventures and getaways that are far better than a day on the couch. But…with that being said though, we are going to try laying the futon down and putting some pillows against the wall for movie night. If you can’t get the cool lounger couch you thought you wanted, just make one out of what you have, right?? (I’ll have to let you know how that goes.)

Seriously though, Angie and I did do a lot of soul searching after moving here and we both believe it was a good thing we didn’t get the couch. We have been trying to get  back to basics with minimalism, money, and well, life in general and the last thing we want to do is start the cycle over again. The furniture might seem sparse (we prefer the term minimal, of course) but it was inexpensive and it is super simple to take care of. Mostly though, it can easily be moved, sold, or gifted (we have 2 little girls in our family who have already put dibs on the moon chairs) should we find ourselves ready to move on to other things one day.

And that’s really what this blog is about anyway – less clutter, more time, fewer worries, and greater adventures. No fancy furniture required.

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