Our Minimalist Home

We are minimalists, but we are also human beings. We have hobbies – just take a look at our kitchen and you can see the we LOVE to cook. We have work – as evidenced by the dining table/desk. We have knick-knacks – things we’ve kept from our childhood and our travels together. In short, we have stuff – just not a lot of it.

What you’re about to see is not a space where we sit on the floor, reading a single book, while eating the one and only piece of fruit in our possession. It is a place where things get done and memories are made, just without a lot of the excesses you might find in a typical American home. So with that being, said…we welcome you to our new home, all 732 square-feet of it.

Our Living Space

Yep, that’s a 32″ TV. It’s 11 years old and all we need for streaming Netflix and YouTube.  The furniture is Mid-aisle Modern, direct from the back-to-school section at Target. The ottoman cubes make great storage for our throw blankets, knitting projects, Kindles, and remotes. And that space above the TV – we have a big map that we’ve been saving that’s going there as soon as we find a frame.

Our Bedroom & Closet

Aside from a small coat closet, our bedroom closet is the only closet inside the apartment. We store our clothes, linens, laundry, craft supplies, puzzles, homemade yoga mats, vacuum, sleeping bags, and travel gear here.

The Bathroom & Laundry Room

The shower curtain was a great “mistake”. We found it at a bargain store for $3.99. The packaging didn’t show the details of the design so we thought it was green and blue color blocks. When we opened it, we found the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty. It is the perfect compliment to our travel theme!

Our Kitchen

The kitchen is small but functional. We rented this apartment sight-unseen (due to COVID restrictions, we couldn’t take a real tour). Had we known the kitchen was this small, we might have opted for the other 1-BR floorplan. But…we’re making it work. We added a book shelf just off the kitchen to hold some of our larger (and most used) small appliances, our teas, cookbooks, and fruit baskets. We’re also utilizing the tops of the cabinets to store canned goods from our garden. Note all the pickles…we had a lot of cucumbers this year!!

Our Balcony & View

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Far and away, the best part of our home is the view. Having lived in the city for 4 years (behind a Cracker Barrel and next door to a Walmart), this is such a welcome change. We wake up to the sun shining in through the windows and look out at night to see deer (and once even a horse that had escaped the farm next door!) From our balcony, I watched the fireworks show put on by the City on the 4th of July and the view was clearer than the last time we tried to go into town to see it. On a clear day, we see nothing but hills and trees for miles and miles, and yet, we’re just a few minutes drive from everything in town. It’s amazing and we love it!

Thanks for taking a tour of our home.

** I just wanted to note that what you see in our photos is real. Nothing was removed from the frame to make the picture look better (or less cluttered). I left my desk just as you’ll see it every day, and our kitchen too (though I did wait until we’d finished the dishes that day to take the picture). Like I said, we have stuff…just not a lot of it…and that’s the beauty of minimalism. How you define it is really up to you.

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