Getting Over the Hump

Last Saturday we were supposed to participate in our State Park’s version of the Amazing Race but it was cancelled the day before, due to the threat of thunderstorms. When Saturday turned into a beautiful day instead, we decided to go to the park anyway – and camp. It has been more than a year since we went camping. And more than 3 years since we’ve been on a real vacation. So, needless to say, we were a little rusty, and had to make a couple of trips back to town to get things (like a lighter and an extension cord), but overall, it was a great experience.

If you could see Angie’s face right now, you might wonder if I’m telling you the truth. That’s because we spent two nights freezing our behinds off in a tiny tent with a mesh roof, covered from head to toe in clothes, sleeping bags, and a pile of old bedspreads that were only in our car because my mom gave them to me to give to Goodwill. Yes, it was cold! And yes, we would never want to repeat that part of the experience again. But you know what…it was also invigorating!

Enjoying a cup of coffee by the fire

We didn’t tell a soul we were going. We did tell my niece where we were when she called, but otherwise, no one knew a thing. We spent a very peaceful weekend hiking, fishing, sitting by the campfire, and watching wildlife. Bledsoe Creek is full of watchable wildlife, from deer and squirrels, to baby woodpeckers and the occasional T-Rex. Yes, you read that right. On Sunday morning, while we were enjoying our breakfast, we caught sight of someone dressed as a dinosaur headed to the bath house. Of course, I grabbed my phone.

Though we were only 12 miles from home, it seemed we were light years away from all our worldly cares and responsibilities. This short, spontaneous getaway was just the jumpstart we needed to get over the hump, and now we’re re-energized and ready to take off on all sorts of adventures.

4 thoughts on “Getting Over the Hump

  1. That is so funny! Glad you were able to get a shot! Never know what kind of wildlife you’ll run into in the wild! Bwahaha
    How did you manage to camp right beside a POTTY?? That would be where I’d head first, too!
    So glad y’all had an invigorating, relaxing weekend. We didn’t go camping, but spent Sunday with our babies! Their dad’s house is across the street from woods, so we saw lots of squirrels too, and heard lots of birds. PP informed that the bird who says, “Cheep, cheep” has to have “Expensive!” at the end of their every call! Very amusing!

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    1. We had to take the only spot left for last-minute campers, which happened to be next to the bath house…but that little green thing, that’s our “emergency” potty for those times when you have to go in the middle of the night and don’t want to walk up the hill πŸ™‚

      Sounds like you had a great weekend too! I love PP’s assessment of bird calls! I’ll listen closely from now on to see if I hear that one.

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