About Us

One offbeat couple (and their cat) strive to live life on their own terms, through the practice of everyday minimalism and a firm commitment to pursuing their dreams – no matter how crazy those dreams might be.

We are The Minimalists Next Door!

Melody is the writer, the explorer, the planner, the fixer of all things broken, and the occasional worrier.

She enjoys reading a good book, exploring new places, searching for letterboxes, sipping a steaming cup of dark roast coffee, watching TV dramas, snorkeling and kayaking the clear blue seas, contemplating life, and writing all about it.

And then there’s the cat…

Caesar is our 18-year old Tuxedo cat who loves to talk – especially early in the morning.

Angie is the photographer, the adventurer, the dreamer, the voracious reader, and the always calm voice of reason.

She can most often be found trying a new recipe, reading a good travel memoir, standing atop a paddleboard, creating art, watching old movies, charting new adventures, and capturing it all in colorful photos.

Our minimalist journey began in 2012, when we tossed a dart at the state of Florida, sold almost all of our stuff, and moved from Denver, CO to North Port – a place we’d never been or even heard of.

2012: Everything that we moved to Florida with fit in this trailer.

Since then, we’ve traveled to 8 countries and 25 US states (including Hawaii), explored Florida coast to coast, spent an entire summer volunteering for sea turtle patrol on Venice Beach, and road-tripped in a vintage travel trailer for 3 months; among lots of other adventures.

Scotty at Cages Bend

Today, we reside in the Volunteer State (Tennessee). When we’re not Going Sightseeing, you’re most likely to find us working in our garden, hiking one of our favorite trails, or just hanging out in the park.

Hanging Out Hammock

To learn more about our philosophy on minimalism and what inspired us to adopt this lifestyle, check out Our Journey to Minimalism.

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I’m so glad you found me and now I found you. And thank you for sharing my blog Two Walks Two Americas on your page. My husband and I have always lived a minimalist lifestyle. It’s why we get to travel so much. I also write about how we manage to do that on a shoestring. Keep in touch and I will too. ~ Sheila

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  2. Melody and Angie, what a wonderful life you are living!. Your adventures, both at home and abroad, fit the minimalist lifestyle perfectly. After years of living and working abroad, we’ve been on a similar quest to simplify our life … and can certainly relate to the changes you have made. 🙂 I’m so glad to have found you and look forward to digging in to your blog. All the best, Terri

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  3. Such a great name for a blog! Glad I stumbled over you; my girlfriend calls herself a minimalist, and is just finishing building a Tiny House so she can really ‘walk the talk’. Me? Not quite so much, plus I have a messy teenager to deal with. But I look forward to following along from here in Australia, cheers G : )

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  4. I really love your guy’s story. If you’d be interested I would love for you to write a guest post talking about why you’ve become minimalists. our new blog is was created for that very reason, to share personal stories of all the other minimalists we meet. You can check out our site and mission if your interested.
    I look forward to continue reading your blog
    C- Foley

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