48 Really Great Dates

The goal is simple; we want to make our relationship with each other our number one priority by blocking out time each week for just the two of us – no family, no phones, no chores, no errands, no distractions – and do something that is both fun and memorable. The rules are:

  • We must take turns planning each week’s date. Dates can be a surprise or an activity planned together; however, the person whose turn it is must take the lead on making arrangements for the date.
  • There is no set budget, but all funds must come from our entertainment account.
  • Dates can take place any time of the day, any day of the week (Monday – Sunday).
  • There’s no maximum time limit but each date must be at least 2 hours long.
  • Dates can involve a meal but do not have to.
  • We must take at least one photo while on the date.
  • There are 4 “skip” weeks built into the calendar year. These skips can be used at any time to cover illness, vacation, or family obligation.
  • Dates can be repeated, but not in the same month.

Date 8: Tiny Tot Play Date

It’s a rare treat to get to spend the day with one of our favorite people in the whole world – our great-niece. We picked up our little tag-along on Saturday morning, with plans to go to the park for a picnic and a few hours of play, before heading to Nanny’s house for dinner. But…the weather had other ideas. Not to be deterred, the little one made a suggestion of her own. She wanted to go to the “big green slide”. After consulting Google, we found the slide at McDonald’s. Have you ever taken your own picnic INSIDE a restaurant? Angie and I did. Addison insisted on a Happy Meal with apple slices, which she ate in shifts, between running up and down the slide and entertaining a teenage couple on a lunch date with her free toy. 2 hours of fun cost us just $3.28.

Date 9: The Anywhere Drive-In

Believe it or not, there’s still a drive-in movie theater in our area. On weekends, it shows a family-friendly double-feature. When I was a kid, the cost was $5/car and you could bring food in with you. Today, tickets are $5/person and you can’t bring in outside food (not legally, that is). We’ve talked about going there but never have. Still haven’t. Instead, we created our own version of a drive-in theater this week. The cost was $0/person and outside food was not only allowed, it was expected. Since giving up our home internet, we’ve missed a few of our favorite shows (like How to Get Away with Murder). For date day, we drove to a shady spot (with free wi-fi) and propped a Kindle up on the console to catch a few episodes on Hulu. For our snack, we split a free chocolate croissant from Panera (courtesy of Panera Rewards). Total cost: $0

Want more dates? Check out our adventures from January & February.

One thought on “48 Really Great Dates

  1. I love this post. This is one of my goals this year…….to spend more time with my spouse but since we are trying to pay off some bills, it needs to be frugal. Thank you for the great ideas and encouragement. 🙂

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