48 Really Great Dates

The goal is simple; we want to make our relationship with each other our number one priority by blocking out time each week for just the two of us – no family, no phones, no chores, no errands, no distractions – and do something that is both fun and memorable. The rules are:

  • We must take turns planning each week’s date. Dates can be a surprise or an activity planned together; however, the person whose turn it is must take the lead on making arrangements for the date.
  • There is no set budget, but all funds must come from our entertainment account.
  • Dates can take place any time of the day, any day of the week (Monday – Sunday).
  • There’s no maximum time limit but each date must be at least 2 hours long.
  • Dates can involve a meal but do not have to.
  • We must take at least one photo while on the date.
  • There are 4 “skip” weeks built into the calendar year. These skips can be used at any time to cover illness, vacation, or family obligation.
  • Dates can be repeated, but not in the same month.

Date 31: Fun is the New Black

A few years ago we stumbled upon a cemetery full of black walnuts while we were out letterboxing. We kept saying we were going to go back with a bucket and pick some up but we lost the location and never could find it again – until this year. For our date day adventure, we walked the cemetery picking up nuts, before enjoying a picnic lunch and stroll along Station Camp Creek. Though we were warned about the dangers of black walnuts, we thought we’d be okay with just one pair of garden gloves on to remove the husks. Nope. Let’s just say – it’s a good thing black goes with everything because we’ll be wearing this look for a while. Total cost: $0

Date 32: Celebrate Good Times! Come On!

There’s a party going on in here – a celebration to last throughout the year (well, a few of them hopefully!) To celebrate my 3rd and final attempt to quit my job and the 8 years that went into it, we went out for pizza and ice cream. Because who doesn’t like pizza and ice cream?? Total cost: $27.24

Date 33: The Amazing Race

We don’t run, except when we do, and that’s no very often. But boy did run on Saturday! Bledsoe Creek State Park hosted it’s own version of The Amazing Race, where 9 teams worked to figure out clues and get to the finish line first. The entire course was about 3 miles long and even with the shortcuts we knew (we practically live in this park), we still ran at least 2 of those miles. But it was so worth it! We had a blast, and even came in 3rd place. Total cost: $10

Date 34: Apple of My Eye

After picking up or niece for the weekend, we stopped at Shade Tree Farm and Orchard in Adams, TN, where we all enjoyed our first-ever apple cider slushie and picked a peck of Granny Smith, Rome, and Jonagold apples. Angie had just as much fun as Addison climbing on the tractor. Total cost: $25

Date 35: Making a State-ment

The brand new Tennessee State Museum in Nashville opened about a year ago. When we were working the Farmer’s Market last year, we got to see it being built and always said that we would check it out when it opened. We’re a little late but nevertheless, we made it, and just in time to see The Origins and Evolutions of Tennessee Food, a temporary exhibit exploring all the authentic food of our state (like Nashville Hot Chicken and real Memphis BBQ). We had the little one with us (she really enjoyed the food exhibit too) so we spent a good bit of time in the children’s area. Total cost: $0 (the museum is free)

Date 36: Instead of the Homestead (Expo)

On Saturday morning, we got up early and set off on a 2.5 hour mini road trip to Hohenwald, TN for the Homestead Expo. The guest speaker was going to be Dan Salatin of Polyface Farms (Joel Salatin’s son). Well…we made it to Hohenwald. We made it to the address on the event’s Facebook page. We even saw a festival going on, but it was the Oktober Heritage Festival. Maybe they were one in the same, maybe they weren’t. There were no signs. We even parked and walked a bit but never found anything resembling a homestead expo, just food vendors and a classic car show, so we left. Not to be outdone though, we decided, while in Hohenwald, we’d do what the locals (and the tourists) do – we’d visit the Natchez Trace Parkway (again), but this time we stopped for a picnic and a short hike to Jackson Falls. Total cost: $0 (not counting gas)

Date 37: Planting Pasta?

Well, not exactly…just the main ingredient to my secret pasta sauce. Garlic! After a morning of yard sales and a visit to Breeden’s Orchard with my aunt Annie, Angie and I decided it was time to plant our garlic bulbs. The weather was just right for digging in the dirt so that’s what we did. 62 little cloves went into the ground. Hopefully 62 full heads of garlic will come out next June. Total cost: $2.50

Date 38: Dress Up Night @ The Chili Cook-Off

This week, we donned our best duds and headed north to Clarksville to a fundraiser for our great nephew. His dad’s employer was hosting a chili cook-off, with all the proceeds going to help with the little guy’s medical expenses (he has a congenital heart defect). The chili recipes were (mostly) delicious. Well, maybe not that one, but the rest were pretty yummy. We had a great time, even though we didn’t win the raffle 🙂 And yes, this is about as “dressed up” as we get these days – a nice shirt and a pair of un-holey pants. Total cost: $20

Want more dates? Check out Dates 1 -10, 11-20, and 21-30.

One thought on “48 Really Great Dates

  1. I love this post. This is one of my goals this year…….to spend more time with my spouse but since we are trying to pay off some bills, it needs to be frugal. Thank you for the great ideas and encouragement. 🙂

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