48 Really Great Dates

The goal is simple; we want to make our relationship with each other our number one priority by blocking out time each week for just the two of us – no family, no phones, no chores, no errands, no distractions – and do something that is both fun and memorable. The rules are:

  • We must take turns planning each week’s date. Dates can be a surprise or an activity planned together; however, the person whose turn it is must take the lead on making arrangements for the date.
  • There is no set budget, but all funds must come from our entertainment account.
  • Dates can take place any time of the day, any day of the week (Monday – Sunday).
  • There’s no maximum time limit but each date must be at least 2 hours long.
  • Dates can involve a meal but do not have to.
  • We must take at least one photo while on the date.
  • There are 4 “skip” weeks built into the calendar year. These skips can be used at any time to cover illness, vacation, or family obligation.
  • Dates can be repeated, but not in the same month.

Date 6: Shopping Just Ain’t What it Used to Be!

Can we skip dates after they start?” That was the question that I asked Angie as we sat in the library parking lot eating a veggie sub from Speedway on Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining but it was a crisp 45 degrees outside and our date, thus far, had gone nowhere near how we planned it. FarmFest, an event we go to every year and love, was a bit lackluster. Maybe it was the lack of vendors or participants. Maybe it was the fact that our favorite CSA was not there and as far as we know, is not offering service in our area this year. Maybe it was us. Neither of us could put our finger on why, but we both felt out of sorts being there…so we went thrift store shopping instead. Or so we intended. We always buy a pair of “yard” shoes at the thrift store just before garden season starts and part of our date was going to be shoe shopping. We tried, really we did, but our heart wasn’t in that either. So we went for a walk – a very long walk -instead. Total cost: $5.45 (for the sandwich).

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Date 7: Olympic-sized Fun

When we lived in Florida, Angie and I would go to our apartment’s pool every morning at 10 AM. We’d swim (or pretend to swim) for a while and then sit in the hot tub. We loved it. The first year that we were here, we joined our community center to use the pool year-round. We went maybe 10 times, hardly enough to justify the $480 annual fee. We’ve since learned that you don’t have to be a member to use the facility. To walk the track is $1 per person/day. To swim, it’s $5 per person/day. So for this week’s date, we went swimming. On Wednesday morning, we found ourselves alone in the Olympic-sized pool. We swam, we attempted water aerobics, and we sat in the hot tub. Total cost: $10.

Want more dates? Check out our adventures from January.

One thought on “48 Really Great Dates

  1. I love this post. This is one of my goals this year…….to spend more time with my spouse but since we are trying to pay off some bills, it needs to be frugal. Thank you for the great ideas and encouragement. 🙂

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