Dates 21 – 30

Date 21: Just a Little Bit Batty

Did you know that bats can eat more than 1,000 mosquitoes a day? That makes bats pretty cool creatures, in our opinion. This week, we set out to see if we could see a few of these winged heroes at Dunbar Cave State Park in Clarksville, TN. The cave is only open seasonally for tours and we were lucky to get tickets during the Memorial Day weekend. Though we did not see a single bat, we enjoyed the cave immensely. It is the only cave in the US to have original Mississippian Era petroglyphs and pictographs. (Sorry, no photos were allowed in the cave to preserve this ancient artwork). Total cost: $32

Date 22: Memorial Day Hike

For Memorial Day, we took a short hike through Bledsoe’s Fort Historical Park, where we took a moment to look around a Revolutionary War-era cemetery. Angie decided to chase a butterfly and caused us to miss the entrance to the trailhead so I locked her in the stocks. Total cost: $0

Date 23: Picking Berries Again

Blueberry season opened and Angie had to be among the first ones there. Sadly, the berries weren’t as ready as she was so we only picked a quart. Total cost: $4

Week 24: Camping in Crossville

A date that lasted the whole weekend? Oh yeah! Despite the rainy weather, we enjoyed two full days of exploring the eastern edge of Middle Tennessee. Our original plan was to tour the multitude of waterfalls there but the rain made that too dangerous. (When we returned home, we realized just how dangerous. Someone was killed in a flash flood at one of the waterfalls on our list!) Instead, we found a few letterboxes, visited one waterfall (Ozone Falls), and toured a cemetery that Angie found on Atlas Obscura. We also found an old-school merry-go-round in the oddest of places – another cemetery! Total cost: $65

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Week 25: Visiting E.T. (Wickham, that is)

Ever since Angie discovered Atlas Obscura, she’s been on a quest to visit all manner of crazy places in our area – like the E.T. Wickham Sculpture Trail in Palmyra, TN (just outside Clarksville). It took a minute to find this place, which is basically just a series of crumbling statues in a field along the road, but it was interesting nonetheless. After posing with a few statues, we stopped by Liberty Park for a picnic and a walk. Total cost: $0

Date 26: Zoo Day at the Community Center

The Nashville Zoo brought a few of their furry friends to the Mount Juliet Community Center so we brought along a friend of our own to check them out. We saw a hedgehog, a parrot, a snake, a sloth, and a bearcat. The animals were cute, but I won’t say a word about our inability to hear the presentation due to talking PARENTS. Okay, I said it. After we made our escape, we enjoyed a quiet picnic in the park. Total cost: $0.

Date 27: Pickin’ Again – Peaches!

I think picking fruit and veggies is our favorite date. This time we went to Pratt’s Orchard in Lebanon, TN, where we picked 34 pounds of peaches (before discovering the best $1.50 fish tacos in the world at Speedy Burrito). Total cost: $62 ($52/peaches & $10/tacos)

Date 28: A Real Dinner Date!

Last September, we went on a culinary scavenger hunt around our town, enjoying samples of food from a lot of restaurants we had never even heard of – like Awedaddy’s. Since then, we’ve been “planning” to go back but have never made it, until Saturday night. The restaurant itself is right on Old Hickory Lake and reminds me of a beach bar. The food – phenomenal! Total cost: $36

Angie eagerly awaits her grilled salmon.

Date 29: Strolling the Murphy River Walk

This week, we took my mom on a mini-trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in Murphy, NC. While she napped at the cabin, we sneaked away for a walk along the River Walk. It was gorgeous! The 3-mile trail winds along the Hiwassee River, passing the park and an old train depot (now converted into a Farmer’s Market space). Even though it poured down rain midway through our trek, we had a great afternoon. Total cost: $0

Date 30: Honey with my Honey

The Tennessee Honey Festival is an annual event held in Hendersonville, TN. Honey producers from across middle Tennessee come to sample and sell their honeys and honey-inspired goodies (like beeswax sandwich wraps and lip balms). We love the Honey Festival because all of our Farmer’s Market friends are always there. This year, we cashed out the change from our piggy bank to buy a few jars of honey to go with our winter teas. We purchased 5 jars, including a cinnamon infused creamed honey. Total cost: $0 for the date, $46 for the honey.