Mission 2016

We’ve been obsessed with all things spy related lately. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with binge watching Covert Affairs over the Christmas break. Nevertheless, I’ve decided that since every good spy needs a mission, so do we. Our mission for 2016 is to live on 50% of our income, diverting the other 50% to savings and travel.

The Facts:
We are a 40-something, one-income household – party of two (unless you count the cat). We earn a little less than $46,000 per year (and that’s in a good year!). We reside in a 700-square foot apartment in Middle Tennessee. We have one car and I work from home. Our only debt is my student loan, a spending mistake that we’re working diligently to correct. We call her Sallie.

The Plan:
To focus on one different area in which to save money every month for a year, with each month building on the prior month.

The Payoff: 
Less stuff, more adventures, greater peace of mind, and a deeper connection with one another (and our money).

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