#5TF: Celebrating Life

Five Thought Friday:  Week 1 – June 24 – June 30, 2017

One thing I really enjoyed this week was having an impromptu birthday party for Ticky on Tuesday. She turns 2 today and with her parents currently separated and in search of new housing, a party was the last thing on their minds. Angie and I are both firm believers in birthdays. They are a chance to celebrate the gift of your presence in life. Though Ticky is just a toddler and won’t remember it, her special day is no less important. So we celebrated…with a tiny homemade cake and an afternoon of learning to kick her new soccer ball in the backyard.

I am grateful for the two new grant writing opportunities that came my way this week – one from a non-profit that I’ve worked with for a few years now and another from a national membership organization that had heard of me through my work with various LGBT organizations. I was quite excited for both calls as they will allow us to pay for our trip to Canada in October without having to dip too far into our travel savings account.

Kale damage – caused by a tiny green cabbage worm!

I need to let go of the idea that edible plants are ever going to grow on our patio. We can grow flowers but the sun/shade ratio, the bugs, and Caesar’s incessant nibbling on the leaves when we’re not looking makes patio gardening almost impossible. This week, I had to pull up what was left of our kale (thanks to the great work of a cabbage worm) and move our yellowing tomatoes to the big garden, where I hope they will perk up in the sun.

We made progress on a few things this week. We hiked 8.4 miles, bringing our total for the year to 72.8 miles (out of our 100 mile goal). We also found 7 letterboxes in Percy and Edwin Warner Parks (Nashville). And we began canning some of our summer veggies, starting with pickling a jar of jalapenos.

The funniest thing that happened week was when Ticky and I were standing in the kitchen at my Mom’s house wrestling over a banana. She wanted to bite it and I wanted to peel it. As I tried to pry it from her hands, I said, “Sweetie, you got to let it go”. Ticky’s little eyes lit up and she hopped down from her stool and started singing the theme song from Frozen. Throughout the rest of the day she would spontaneously (or with a little prompting) burst into the chorus of “Let it Go”.


Five Thought Friday Challenge #5TF

Over the past week, I’ve been combing through some of our older posts and moving the ones that are travel or adventure related to our other blog: Going Sightseeing. Exploring our neighborhood (and the world around us) is a very important part of our happiness pursuit and minimalism has made it possible for us to go places we never imagined. Having a separate area to showcase these adventures makes it easier for me, especially when I’m having a not-so-happy day, to remember all the great things we have done since starting our minimalist journey in 2012. Though it is still just a bare-bones blog, I hope the coming months and years fill the pages with many new adventures and we invite you to follow along.

As I was looking back at past posts, I found some that were titled “Five Thought Friday”. I remember running across this idea on another blog and implementing it as a way to share what was going on in our lives for the week as we progressed toward our then goal of living on 50% of our income. I still like the idea but thought it might need a little tweaking. Rather than 5 random thoughts for the week, I wanted to try 5 guided thoughts; so I came up with these lead-ins:

One thing I really enjoyed this week was…
I made progress on…
I am grateful for…
I need to let go of…
The funniest thing that happened this week was…

I thought that I would try this as a 10-week challenge to inspire greater happiness, gratitude, and mindfulness as well as to encourage regular blogging during the summer months when writing has a tendency to take a backseat to playing outside. You’re welcome to copy or adapt the idea for your own blog or bullet journal. If you do decide to participate, tag your posts #5TF so that we can all follow each others thoughts.

Be sure to check out our first Five Thought Friday post tomorrow.