Van Geaux Needs a Starry Night Companion

After much debate, I’ve decided to sell the van that I purchased back in July. It’s a great van that the previous owners had already put a lot of work into and I’m doing it a grave disservice by letting it sit in my dad’s driveway. Every time I think about taking it out camping, the Universe has different plans, so I know in my heart of hearts that Van Geaux needs a new companion.

Here’s the story of Van Geaux…

Angie and I talked about getting a van way back in 2015 and even had it on our calendar to start looking for one in January of that year. Instead, we bought a travel trailer, lived in it for a few months, and then settled into prison camp…um, I mean, settled into a life in TN. Joking aside, things obviously did not go as planned in 2015 (or 2016, or 2017, etc., etc.) but we made the best of it until we just couldn’t any more.

When we separated, my reactionary lizard brain said “van, that’ll fix it” and off I went to find a van. As it happened, a wonderful couple in Nashville (no lie, these folks are amazing!) had decided to sell their van to start a family, and it was exactly spot-on with the price I had in mind. The day I drove Van Geaux home, was the same day they brought their tiny newborn daughter home from the hospital, and I got to meet her. I told you, amazing!

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that the first time we took Van Geaux on a long-distance trip, it was a disaster. It started to overheat about an hour west on Nashville, near Waverly. I pulled over, called Angie (who was driving the car), and called Roadside Assistance for what I thought would be a tow to the local mechanic. Sadly, the closest mechanic was 24 miles in the other direction, so $140 later, it was dropped off at Firestone.

The folks at Firestone were great but they scared the living crap out of me, making me think I was looking at some serious repairs. Truthfully, I think they were just so swamped they didn’t want to mess with Van Geaux and it took them almost a week to tell me that. By this time, Angie had left for Texas in the car, so it was a week of Uber rides, rental cars, and walking all over town (about $300 worth of those things) before I had to get another tow to an outstanding repair shop called Underwood Tire in Dickson, TN. That cost me $78. The team at Underwood looked Van Geaux over (and under) and determined it only needed a thermostat (and to have the radiator flushed). Talk about relief! But even relief comes at a cost. $368 to be exact.

My dad drove Van Geaux back from Dickson and while he had a hard time locating the windshield wipers in the dark, he said it drove just fine. He’s spent a significant amount of time with it since then, trying to fix the AC, driving it around the block, checking it for rust, and showing it to everyone he can. For his love of it alone, I sometimes think of keeping it. But I can’t. It’s just not right to keep something you don’t really love.

So Van Geaux is officially up for sale! Feel free to share with your friends, family, and anyone interested in van life. And enjoy the photos. Van Geaux is nothing if not beautiful!