Snow Daze

Last Sunday, it was spitting sleet when I came back from the grocery store so I updated my Facebook profile pic with a banner that said, “Let it Snow”. Four days later, I got my wish.

Just like a little kid, I spent a lot of the day staring out the window, enjoying the beauty of it all. And of course, taking a ton of pictures (mostly of my car, it seems) to track the accumulation.

Then, it seemed only logical to text those photos to my friends in Florida. I really hated that they were missing out.

And of course, I compared snow totals with all of my family members within a 1-hour radius. I’m pretty sure my Dad and Fran won. The last two photos are from their house. But my sister gets the award for Most Creative Use of a Yoga Mat. You can’t see it but she put it over the windshield of her truck before the snow started, to save herself the trouble of scraping.

I also did a fair bit of work during my snow day, though I may have been simultaneously scrolling through Facebook to see who was sledding or building snow people.

Oh, and I made some soup, finished knitting another hat, and played ‘You are my Sunshine’ 757 times on my ukulele LEFT HANDED. Why? Because I was following the video, not realizing it should be mirror image. (Go ahead, laugh, it’s funny!). The crazy part, I’m actually better left-handed.

The snow was all gone by Saturday and I was once again able to venture out, but just to the mailbox, where I got something awesome..a new library card! Yeah, I’m a nerd, what can I say?

It’s the simple things, remember…

Though the snow was amazing, the true highlight of my week was fixing my car, by myself (well, with my dad looking over my shoulder, but all the same). A few weeks back, the check engine light came on on my new (to me) Sonic. I ran the code and found out it could one of 3 things: a sensor gone bad (not a difficult fix), a faulty thermostat (something a mechanic would need to do), or the computer acting ugly (the most expensive of the 3 options).

A bit of Googling and YouTubing led us to try a few diagnostic tests. Mind you, we have no diagnostic equipment so we stuck what looked like a meat thermometer on the engine block and drove 68 miles to see if the engine was getting up to temperature. It was (thank goodness) registering a solid 212 degrees, so we ruled out the thermostat, and opted to try replacing the sensor. The part was $8.57. The labor, approximately 15 minutes, and that was with prep time (otherwise known as getting out the needle-nose pliers) and refilling the coolant.

And just like that – it was fixed!

I was so proud of myself. And I know my dad was happy too. He loves it when we can DIY something, especially something that would have cost way more money for a mechanic to fix. More than that though, this job may have effectively broken our streak of putting things together backwards – a trend that started with my bicycle and has included a bar stool, a coffee table, strings of Christmas lights, and yes, a Roku. I know, you’re wondering how someone can install a Roku backwards. Trust me, it can be done.

All in all, I’d say 2022 is looking very promising so far!