Moving Meets the Murphys

I’m firmly convinced that we should change our last name to Murphy. If something can go wrong, we will without a doubt be right there in the middle of it when it does! Moving to our new apartment on Saturday was no exception.

Outside our new apartment
Outside our new apartment

The day started off well. We walked to Best Do-nuts, the Chinese-owned bakery across the street from our old apartment, and treated ourselves to a bag of doughnut holes (a very rare treat, I might add) before heading to the new apartment for our walk-through. Our leasing agent was busy with another couple so she gave us the keys and our checklist and sent us on our way. We oohed and aahed over our new place, making notes of where to put things; basically dilly-dallying, all the while thinking we had plenty of time. We weren’t scheduled to pick-up our U-Haul until noon and the moving helpers weren’t scheduled to arrive until 1 PM.

Midway through our daydream the phone rang. It was U-Haul letting us know they would be closing in 15 minutes. Luckily the rental counter was only a few miles away so we headed over to pick up the truck. When we moved from Colorado to Florida and then again from Florida to Tennessee, we towed a 8′ x 12′ trailer. This time, I thought a 10′ truck should do the trick for our 2  mile move. Though we have a little amount of stuff, the stuff we do have is definitely not little. The couch, loveseat, and bed took up almost the entire truck!

Speaking of those large, bulky, heavy-as-a-ton-of-bricks items…

Our moving helpers were a no-show!! After confirming and reconfirming, the guys from Craigslist must have decided they had better things to do than carry a couch down a flight of stairs. Thankfully, we had started loading the U-Haul early and by 1 PM (when they were supposed to show up) all we had left to load was the big stuff. At 1:30, I officially called them flakes and yelled down to the crowd of neighbors that had gathered to watch us move, “Anyone want to make a little extra cash loading a couch and loveseat into the truck?” We were met by a chorus of, “Oh, I would but I have a bad back.” and “My chiropractor would kill me.”

Our "monster" loveseat
Our “monster” loveseat

Finally, Larry, our stalker neighbor stepped up. He and another football-player-sized neighbor loaded the couch and loveseat. Neither accepted payment, though I offered each what I would have paid Carlos and his brother. (All stalking incidents are now forgiven, though I can’t say that I’ll be sending Larry a thank-you note from our new address anytime soon).

At our new apartment (also on the 2nd floor), we reversed the process and started with the heavy stuff first. Angie and I successfully unloaded the mattress and loveseat and were halfway up the stairs with the couch when our new neighbor, Anna, jumped in to assist. She’s a bubbly young woman with 2 dogs who works at an animal shelter. I think we’re going to like her just fine. I should also mention here that our unloading was interrupted by a little storm – okay, a pretty substantial storm with lightning. At one point, the high winds caught Angie carrying a section of the platform bed and spun her around. The rain delay lasted about an hour.

We spent all day Sunday unpacking and watching a little preseason football. On the positive side, FOX and NBC both come in really clear here. With the exception of wall decor, we’re officially moved in. Every box is unpacked and everything has a home. Having less stuff definitely makes that part of the process a lot easier!

View from patio
Trees! We have trees again!!

Despite the unintended workout on Saturday, I have to say that our move has been a positive experience. Just waking up in a home filled with sunshine or looking out at an actual tree (instead of a truck filled with garbage) has been a real boost – the kind of boost that was long overdue!

Yesterday, I worked a bit from my “new” office in the bedroom before we headed down to the pool. We were the only ones there, which was really nice. We haven’t yet walked our new complex but I foresee many evening strolls beneath the trees and we’re especially eager to check out the picnic area, which has a gas grill, a gas fire pit, and lots of umbrella-covered tables. To round out our day, we went to ALDI for our weekly grocery run. Instead of piling into the car and driving across town, we simply walked next door. Yep, we live right beside ALDI! (We’re super excited about that, if you can’t tell.)

Boxed Up and Ready to Go!

We’re just 2 days away from our big move down the street and honestly, I am ready for it to be over. It has been harder to plan this simple 2 mile move than it was to actually move cross-country twice. Starting in July, I called a total of 6 moving companies. Only 2 called me back. One quoted $650 to move a couch, loveseat, queen platform bed, and some misc. furniture and boxed items, while the other said it would only be $$225.

In the mix of getting quotes, my niece’s (now ex) boyfriend and his roommate said they would help load/unload a U-Haul for $60 (or $100 if we used their trucks instead of a U-Haul). Great deal, right? Wrong! Who knew they would pick the Sunday prior to our move for the Epic Breakup of 2016??

So I’ve spent the week scrambling to find someone to lift furniture. Forget movers. We simply need someone to carry the heavy furniture downstairs. After placing an ad on Craigslist (where apparently “moving help” is code for something kinky), I think we’ve found some helpers. I’m hoping they show up on Saturday ready to move actual furniture. If not, we’re all in for a real surprise!

Getting a head start on packing...
Getting a head start on packing…

We signed our lease this afternoon (post-dated for Saturday). I think they do that to avoid a logjam in the office on weekends, with so many people moving in and out. We’re just one of five families moving in on Saturday. This was by far the simplest lease signing we’ve done, though not the most interesting. In Florida, we had to sign an Alligator Addendum. The most impressive addendum in this collection was the zero-tolerance policy on crime and drugs. One strike and you’re out. Gotta love that when you’re moving from a place where your neighbor offers you a joint on the way to check the mail.

Oh, the things we will not miss!

Tonight we are packing up the rest of our stuff, minus clothes, food, and toiletries. The upside to minimalism is that we should end up with a total of 20 small/medium size boxes to move. The downside of minimalism is that we can’t tape the boxes shut until moving day because we’re probably going to need something out of it about 10 minutes after we pack it.

Acorn Squash
Acorn squash with honey, brown sugar, and butter.

We’re not buying any more groceries until we move, which makes for some really creative meal ideas…like the ricotta cheese pizza that’s currently in the oven. It’s covered in veggies so it can’t be that bad, right?? A few nights ago we made a homemade mac and cheese with bits of leftover broccoli and some shredded chicken from inside a leftover burrito. It was actually delicious. As was our dessert of baked acorn squash.

We have only 62 hours left in our tiny apartment by the railroad tracks (not that I’m wishing my life away). That’s one more popcorn night and 2 more work days. Though we’ve only lived here a year, it has been a year that won’t soon fade from our memory!

Onward to new adventures!!