A Table for Ticky

One day this summer, as we were driving past the dumpster, Angie spotted what looked like a folding table sitting off to the side. We stopped to find a pink Minnie Mouse table with a huge rip across Minnie’s face. Angie hesitated. “Grab it,” I said. “We can always tape over the hole. Little kids don’t care anyway.” And so we did just that.

Ticky thought it was great. She ate snacks on it and used it as a desk to color her pictures.

A few nights ago we got the bright idea to make Ticky’s table even more useful. Well technically, we were inspired by Ticky’s fascination with the chalkboard on our fridge.

We unscrewed the top from the base. Easy peasy! And painted it with 3 coats of chalkboard paint (which we got for $3 with a coupon at Michael’s).

The end result was fabulous. The two grown up kids (aka me and Angie) couldn’t wait for it to dry just to try it out.

We added a zipper bag to hold the chalk and eraser and now it’s all ready for a Ticky test drive on Wednesday.

It was a simple project but it made us feel pretty good. We saved another object from the landfill and turned it into something to be enjoyed for at least a few more years.